Sunday, February 24, 2008

Taglocity Transitions Tagging To The Enterprise

In researching some of the inroads tagging has made in the enterprise setting, I came across Taglocity, a plugin to Microsoft Outlook which brings tagging and filtering to the popular email client out of Redmond.  Check it out here if you're interested:
Just to highlight some of the interesting features:
-AutoTagging - If this feature works well, as advertised, then thats a huge breakthrough in tagging.  That makes tagging much less like folders, and much more of a new paradigm.
- But, while we're at it, its tags replacing folders!  I don't really want to change the structure of how my messages are stored.  And sometimes I just want a flat view of everything.  Folders don't really get you here, tagging is a much more flexible solution.
-  Tag Sharing - So now you can also send a tagged message off to someone else.  I have mixed feelings about this.  On one hand, this can be an awesome way to make sure spam doesnt get into your "Important Business Meetings" collection of emails.  On the other hand, I'm sure 5 minutes from now some spammer is going to figure this out, and I'd wake up to find that a certain "enhancement" product was a sure-hit for my "Family Engagements" category.
For a while I felt like "Oh, tagging, great, we've got a new way to say 'Folders' now, awesome!"  But this is one of many products coming out that sort of redefines the ways we're going to use tagging, and I think tagging is starting to break out as a really useful tech paradigm. 

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