Saturday, February 09, 2008

Personalized social search

In an interview with VentureBeat, Google’s leading VP in search, Marissa Mayer,
defined social search as "...any search aided by a social interaction or
a social connection… Social search happens every day. When you ask a friend
what movies are good to go see? or where should we go to dinner?,
you are doing a verbal social search. You’re trying to leverage that social
connection to try and get a piece of information that would be better than
what you’d come up with on your own."

she mentions social search has not shown its potential yet. Google tried to
implement social search by providing users, facility to annotate the search results
and allow those annotations be shared with people of similar interest.
They tried it in Google Co-Op., but the model didn't work very well.
Google is also carrying out an experiment to let users vote on search results.

The critical thing would be to make use of the search results on the similar topic
carried out by other users that have same interests. To retrieve such users,
it would make sense if Google utilizes the users' connections from their friends-list
at FaceBook or MySpace where one can get relevant social context. Further,
development of social graphs would be a noteworthy step.
So, in future, it won't surprising to see Google's PageRank influenced by
the connections on social networking sites and provide more personalized
search results.

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GadgetMan said...

A couple of years ago, Eurekster did something like that where they had a beta in that you would invite your friends to it. When you do a search, the results would be combined with your friends' results. But what would be interesting and more accurate, is to use the social graph created when crawling and then use that as the basis for social search, without having to add friends manually. Of course, this means you'll need to allow people the option to opt out so their information is not sent out without their explicit permission.