Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Facebook API

I've always been interested in the Facebook API but I never really got a chance to actually look up how to write a Facebook application. So, after a bit of googling I found a few decent tutorials and learned a few interesting things.

Here is a PHP Facebook tutorial, a Python Facebook tutorial and even a Java Facebook tutorial. I also found some helpful information on demystifying the application form.

To briefly summarize, it seems that you can write your Facebook application in whatever language you want. Your application will still needs to use the Facebook API as well as some FBML tags but developers are not limited to just FBML. This is because of the architecture Facebook uses to run the applications. A developer hosts their code on an external server and whenever a user makes a request of that application, Facebook makes a request of the code running on the external server. Facebook then can display the application.

Some pretty interesting stuff and certainly some good starting points for those of you interested in creating Facebook applications.

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Audumbar said...

Facebook developers have been to able use Amazon Web Services(AWS).
In last month, Amazon announced partnership with Facebook, that
introduced flexible pricing structure so that developers can scale up popular applications
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