Thursday, February 07, 2008

Directory of Web 2.0 sites

This site presents a list of Web 2.0 sites in Web 2.0 way. It is interesting to notice that attractiveness of the site in all aspects is being taken seriously. Rich user experience is one important characteristic of new generation web sites. Also, colourful logos these sites are using are adding to the attractiveness.

Either the search facility is not working properly or the sites that I think are Web 2.0 sites are in fact not Web 2.0 sites.
E.g. when I searched live I was expecting to be listed.
Search the tag Microsoft, you get Facebook in the result.

May be someone used wrong tags intentionally.


Wes said...

Has anyone looked at the 'Deadpool' tag on this site? It shows the web2.0 sites that are no longer in existence. Its a pretty big tag in the cloud. Its funny that they're keeping track of sites that die...

avarner said...

I suppose keeping track of old websites could be useful. Remember the way back machine?