Thursday, February 28, 2008


Updated on 3/19/2008:
There are numerous complains about Facebookster's business. No official words from the company that deny those allegations. No reliable source that confirms this is a "spammer" or "scammer" business. Until then, I suggest everyone stay away from the company.

See my comments post.

Facebookster is a Facebook application development company. Its business objective is to "make money with Facebook". The company has built a handful of FB applications.

According to its Web site, the company employs 100+ developers and designers and provides Facebook and social network related consulting to Fortune 100 clients.

The company published an essay on "How to make money with Facebook". In which, it talked about seven ways to achieve this objective:
  1. Selling ads
  2. Sponsorship
  3. Sell goods and services
  4. Write a Facebook book
  5. Write a Facebook blog
  6. Develop Facebook apps as a consult
  7. Sell your Facebook app
I wonder if FB is now officially a Web platform that holds the power to create and destroy Web ecosystems -- it can nurture new startups and disrupt existing business models?

Can you imagine what it will like if FB went down for 24 hours? Will it have a similar impact as if Google or Yahoo! went down for 24 hours? Which is worse?

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Harry Chen said...

Facebookster seems to be a "scammer" or "spammer" business located in Pakistan. Many people have negative comments about this company.

No official words from the company. I suggest everyone stay away from Facebookster.