Friday, February 08, 2008

FOAF Consolidation and Editing

Following the FOAF gear link from Dr. Chen, I found this post that discusses how to consolidate other profiles (flickr, twitter) into a FOAF profile using owl:sameAs links. I like this in that it doesn't require you to import all of your other profiles into your FOAF profile but it allows you to make your FOAF profile the 'master profile' for everything. Unless, of course, you want to keep various networks you have separate. I'm still searching for access controls on FOAF profile data, but I do think that would be a viable way to allow a single profile to be maintained and only give access to certain parts of it to sites.

That post also lead me to knowee which is the start of a using linked RDF profiles to maintain a single social graph. The screencast is particularly interesting to watch.

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Harry Chen said...

Wes, your Knowee link in the post looks wrong. You may want to fix it.