Monday, February 11, 2008

Computer Books Riding the Web Revolution

So this post may not be of the strictest relevance to the social web technologies, but I think its greatly relevant to the project we're all going to be working on. is a paid site which offers a great deal of programming resources, web-accessible through an online book reader, at a monthly rate.  You pay a different rate depending on how many books you want to be able to read each month, and you're also able to grab up print books at a 35% discount if you want to own a permanent copy.
I also contacted the company about a reduced student rate, and they let me know that if you open an account and email their tech support, you can get 5 books out at a time for $10 a month.  I know theres probably a couple of resources I want to pick up in order to get up to speed on Java again, not to mention working with some of the frameworks, but its not the kind of thing I'm going to want to plunk down hundreds for just for this semester.  I'm not affiliated with the company in any way, I just know other people in the class are probably poor college students like me, and I was able to get all the comp sci books I'm going to need for this semester through this site for less than the cost of one book.  Hopefully this is useful and not seen as spamming up the blog, but if it is, feel free to revile me in the comments.

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