Sunday, February 03, 2008

Google releases social graph API

Google just released social graph API. This API has tried to solve the problem of defining link relationships by providing multiple choices like contact,
friend, met, co-worker, colleague, co-resident, neighbor, child, parent, sibling, spouse, kin, muse, crush, date, sweetheart.
But, when interpreting any social website, there is still the problem of time dependent relevance of such links.

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Harry Chen said...

Audumbar, Google's Social Graph API provides more than a specification that defines how relationships are defined. It's a programming framework.

If your goal is to inform the class about this new API, you should provide a complete overview of this new framework. You can talk about what you like or dislike about this API, how developers can use it to solve an existing problem, and what other bloggers have to say about this new technology?