Wednesday, March 05, 2008

What *are* the alternatives to Ajax?

We saw in class how elaborate Ajax code is... at the end of the day, ugly.

The source of the problem is partially the fact that, at the end of it, everything has to turn into the same old HTML and javascript so that the browser will be able to understand it.
So what are the alternatives?

  • Obviously, Flash is a candidate. Here is a short post (mainly about its disadvantages).

  • Sun came out with something called JavaFX. It apparently looks like a new generation of the java applet.

  • Is ASP better? - How can we forget about Microsoft? ASP seems on par with Ajax as far as what it's able to do goes - of course, Ajax doesn't care about the kind of server that is interacting with it, while ASP requires IIS.

  • Others?

All of the above seem to have their upsides and downsides, and there are viable alternatives to Ajax. As to whether they're "better" depends on the goal.

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Audumbar said...

I came across this post, which talks about ICallbackEventHandler as an Interface which can be treated as a substitute for Ajax(actually for XMLHttpRequest), Author has illustrated using some ASP.NET class.