Sunday, March 16, 2008

AOL's $850M Bet on Bebo

While reading this news, following thoughts came to my mind:

" Bebo is a relative startup compared with social networking giants MySpace and Facebook. It has grown rapidly, particularly in overseas locations such as the United Kingdom"

Earlier the software giants used to compete using the operating systems and applications they developed. The time has now come that companies will start competing based on the number of users their site attracts. Also, the companies as you can see are targeting global audience now.

Leveraging outside developers has proven an effective way to get users to interact more robustly with social networks. Facebook, for instance, offers hundreds of small plug-ins meant to boost the amount of time a user spends on the network."

Forget the part about outside developers developing apps for these sites. If the amount of time a user spends on the network increases, its a BAD sign. We are already wasting enough time on these sites. Could someone tell me how to be "productive" on social networks? (I do not necessarily agree with everything I said during the class debate :) )

This news may be relevant for social networking sites, bebo, AOL and other companies but it is definitely a BAD NEWS for people like me who are already concerned about the time they "waste" on social networking sites.

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Kishor said...

Note: I have been trying to get out of all the social networking sites I use. But looks like I am gonna need to go to rehab center or a counselor to do it :)