Sunday, March 09, 2008

Accessible Ajax?

There's word of companies try to make accessible browsers that do AJAX. Other people are asking that you take a practicle approach to starting it make it accessible... and usable. Even better would be would be if people actually practiced graceful degradation that provided a site that could be used with or without JavaScript. This would be a great first step. Note that last link was published on 2003. Why are most developers still not doing this?


Justin said...

People aren't doing it because they're lazy. If graceful degradation were more important more people would overcome their slothful natures and do it.

Never ascribe to more complex theories when the problem can be explained by our worst instincts. (greed, sloth, etc...)

A. Carback said...

True, however, one could attempt to sell accessibility to meet such a simple desire as greed. While catering to the individuals with disabilities may not seem profitable, graceful degradation can lead to better search ranking which is proven to lead to better sales opportunities.

I think enlightening people on the curtsey and profits involved with universal usability will lead to many improvement in the web.