Sunday, March 16, 2008

earthmine: redefining geospatial web

Like the Street View feature of Google Maps, earthmine provides the visual map of the real world. But, earthmine is doing more interesting than that. The technology provides deeper level of virtualisation and enables indexation of real life objects found("reality mining" and "indexing reality").

Like Google, earthmine captures 3D data for each pixel by driving vehicles equipped with special cameras around urban areas. earthmine recently received exclusive licence to use 3D image processing technology developed by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory that is used on the Mars Rover. That enables to create panoramic imagery with pixel-for-pixel 3D depth information, and hence you can provide more attribute information to each and every real life object.
earthmine gives instant and easy access to most recent, high resolution, accurate spatial information of urban environments which could be useful in many geospatial web applications.
Here, is the demonstration video of earthmine .

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