Sunday, March 16, 2008

Web Terrorism

I came across and interesting read while looking for things to post about. The article talks about how terrorists utilize the features of web 2.0 sites in order to do what they've always been doing. It seemed objective in that it just points out what they can do with the technology and avoids blaming the issues on it. I remember a similar topic coming up during our debate in class. What do you guys think?

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Median Joe said...

The article makes it clear that terrorists and/or their supporters are using the Internet for improved communications, but it doesn't provide much evidence that they are deploying sites with Web 2.0-like features. Most of the communications technologies listed (email, hyperlinks, etc.) are firmly Web 1.0, but they also threw in some slightly trendier technologies e.g. "clickable maps", "multi-media", and "virtual community". The article also mentioned terrorists are capable of cyber-attacks such as denial of service (again, not exactly Web 2.0 in my mind). The day I see a terrorist using RDF or an ontology to help plan or execute an attack I'll be stunned.