Friday, March 28, 2008

Get paid for reading emails

I don't know if this is new for you guys, but it is certainly a new concept for me. An Indian company, rupeemail, pays you for each email you read! (rupee is Indian currency: 1 rupee = 2.5 cents).

You sign up for the service, set some preferences and you are ready to go. Rupee mail will send you emails containing relevant advertisements in an envelope. The envelope has a seal similar to Yahoo! sign in seal that ensures that you are receiving a legitimate email. Then it pays you for each email that you read.

The claim is that this avoids advertisers' email getting into spam because you trust rupeemail and ads come via rupeemail. The advertisers are verified by rupeemail so you don't get ads by random people.

I liked the clever model behind this business. These guys will never lose money. They will collect say 1000 rupees from advertisers and send emails to say 300 people. They are surely gaining 700 rupees from this if all readers read these emails. So they have a way to control their profits.

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