Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Unless the search functionality on this blog is broken, somehow nobody has talked about lifestreams. Many people have a personal blog, maybe a professional one, as well as Flickr, and other sites that we update on a daily basis. While there isn't currently a leader in the lifestream business, the concept is rather clear. By taking all of your daily online activities, and putting them into one place, a lifestream is created. You may think that your blog is already doing that, but it doesn't include the data from all your other outlets that you use throughout the day. By putting all this information together in one place, you or your viewers can get a more thorough view of both who you are and what you do.

Some additonal links about lifestreams:

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Harry Chen said...

An interesting idea, but I don't like it. If you use Facebook, you can install various third-party applications to do just about the same. Sites like Lifestrem and Facebook raise many privacy issues.

If you are those people who have the courage and desire to reveal all your private online activities in one place, then you will find Facebook and Lifestrem to be useful. But, be warned. Once you've unleashed this information, it will be difficult to undo. Any information you put online probably will get archived for many years.