Sunday, March 30, 2008

Concise posting

On a lot of blogs there may be just a short introduction to the blog post, maybe a picture to get your attention, then you need to click through to read the entire post. On most of the postings for class, we don't need this, they are nice and short. Now that I posted a ridiculously long post about a book, I realized this feature was not immediately available on Blogger.

I don't know if I have the permissions to add this to the CSS for this blog, I have not tried. It is available and a help tip from Blogger shows how:

Modifications to the CSS are needed, then tags in the post, which are easy enough to put in, change things between full and summary to keep the front page nice and tidy.

I have put the required HTML tags in this post, they aren't working, so it looks like it hasn't been turned on. This might be a good thing to add in the future if posts are long. It may also encourage posts that are longer or more detailed.

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