Sunday, April 06, 2008


I saw a link up for WeColumn while browsing around and thought it was pretty cool idea.

WeColumn falls in between a regular blog and a micro-blog. You write a paragraph or two about a specific topic that you think others may be interested in and then other blogs or sites can embed the text as a widget on their own sites. For instance, Telligen’s own WeColumn (in Dutch) is about surf conditions in the North Sea. Other Dutch surf sites, such as the Holland Surfing Association re-skins the text and puts it up on their site.

This is the basic idea that they are pushing. I guess the purpose is to build up an audience / reputation as a good writer and eventually start your own gig that can pay some bills... or get picked up as a professional blogger. Anyway, give it a look, its still new so I don't know how successful you'll become at being the next big blogger.

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