Monday, April 21, 2008

Missing Link

Okay, so class got me thinking.

Let's go with the idea that semantic is what we described in class. A method of structuring and conveying the meaning of data that is semantic, machine readable, and reusable.

However, that's just the data and information you wish to convey. That is not the display of the data. Part of the weight behind Web 2.0, the web as it today, is the rich, visual experience. People love a rich interface.

The issue with HTML is that people are attempting to structure their data in it and to display it. CSS separates, mostly, design from content. However, the display structure of the document is still tied into the structure of the data.

So to fully reach that metaphorical island Dr. Chen spoke of, we need not only to publish and share our data in a semantic, machine readable and reusable manner, but we also need a new manner in which we create the rich, artistic, and accessible interfaces that is completely separate from how we mark up our information and data.

What the new mark-up or software or technology is that enables this is, I'm not sure. However, I think such a thing, teamed with semantic data, would be a powerful team.

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christianhbecker said...

Check out Fresnel - it's a first step into that direction: