Wednesday, April 02, 2008

AJAX from the IT perspective

Through digg I stumbled upon a cool article that highlights 10 AJAX facts that IT professional should keep in mind when building their networks for the web. I found myself agreeing with much of the article and discovering things that I knew about AJAX that didn't 'click' as much as they did before. Take this snippet:
"Despite the "x" in the acronym, Ajax does not require XML. The XMLHttpRequest object can transport any arbitrary text format. For many Ajax developers, JavaScript Object Notation or even raw JavaScript code fragments make more sense as a data format, given that JavaScript is the consuming environment"
I knew this before hand, but I hadn't realized it as a fact. Check out the article and it will help you as a developer apreciate what our IT counterparts have to think about as we come up with innovative ways to improve the web.

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