Saturday, April 05, 2008

Akshay's Right about CrowdVine

I know I've talked about CrowdVine before, but seeing this:
I found Crowdvine to be a great tool and think that it should be used in every event. A couple of things that would really improve it though:
a) A way for me to add my Crowdvine friends to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr etc. I know there is a way to "import" but most often i meet new people at a conference so what I would like is an "export" functionality.
b) Conferences are about sharing ideas, academic papers and research. What Crowdvine currently lacks is a way to engage its members in discussions around the main focus of the conference -- the papers and presentations themselves.
brought the urge to talk about it again. In fact, this is the kind of functionality one would expect the OpenSocial API to make much less painful to implement. Perhaps we'll even see some big names like Facebook and Flickr adopt it if enough benefits like this keep cropping up...

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tonystubblebine said...

Hey thanks for writing about us.

* Check out the export as vcard feature under the My Network tab. Not all the services you mentioned have vcard import (that's their fault) but worst case you can probably import the vcard into a service they do import from (gmail).

* Did you go to ICWM? I don't think they had session integration but that's something we definitely do. Overall though, we're most concerned with helping people build relationships.