Monday, April 07, 2008

Beta blogger features available to try!

Google has made available a beta version of the site where you can try out some fun new features before they are released to the rest of the site. Right now they are touting two new features. One lets you set a post's publish date and time into the future, which will cause the post to not appear on the blog until that time happens. So, if you are feeling really productive one day, you could write a bunch of posts, set them to appear in the future at the right times, and be done with blogs for this class for the rest of the semester ;-) They also have the ability to add a special navigation bar to the side of your blog that is powered by Google's mystical search technologies. It supposedly will find things of interest to readers and link to them, dynamically updating. They even have a button to upload a video attachment to your post, making video-logging (vlogging?) possible through the blogger service. For those who enjoy living on the bleeding edge, this seems like a cool new way to waste time/do neat stuff.

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