Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Facebook adds new "Friend List" feature

The other day, while I was responding to some Facebook friend requests, I saw a new option to add these new friends to a "Friend List." I wasn't sure what this meant, and a few days later I discovered more information on the Facebook blog. Apparently the lists allow you to organize your friends 1. to easily keep track of people in different groups and 2. restrict how much personal information friends in certain groups can see. Privacy advocates rejoice, you can add somewhat-sketchy people that you might want to stalk to a restricted group so they can only see your basic profile but not your contact info, and also have a group of all friends who are part of your degree program (or whatever). I don't see any downsides to this feature, and I think the Facebook community will approve of the new feature in general (most other features they add tend to create controversy and usually result in angry groups being created saying that *insert new feature here* is the devil, etc.

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