Monday, April 07, 2008

Weblogs: Taxonomy, alphabet soup or simply a game of blogger buzzword bingo?

It seems like every week I find a site referring to some new fancy type of something-blog. Today it was Moblog, a weblog that is primarily updated from mobile devices. Not to be confused with Photoblogs, which are weblogs with an emphasis on photos. Apparently though, many moblogs tend to be primarily photo-based, but they don't have to be. And most photoblogs are not uploaded from mobile devices (making them not moblogs). And then there are vlogs, a weblog whose primary content is video. What about combinations of these? What if I have a video weblog that I record "in-the-field" and upload it using my mobile device? Does that make it a mo-vo-blogg-o? Or a vomo-blog-o? Or just a moblog that happens to be primarily video-content based?

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A. Carback said...

I think they are all blogs; people just love buzzwords.

One is a blog about on the go photos. One is a blog about photography. One is a blog about videography. Yours would be a blog about videos you take on the go with Treo.