Thursday, April 17, 2008

An article posted on computerworld discusses the current computing world as it stands on accessibility. Among things worth noting is that the article also discusses the current issues with the web and screen reading software. It calls attention to the fact that little has changed in terms of accessibility compliance in almost ten years. I know there are a few accessibility advocates out there in the class. Im just wondering if there are things outside of following the guidelines, that we as current/future CS professionals can do about this?

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Justin said...

IMHO screen reading is the wrong approach to solve this problem.
I don't know why were trying to adapt a monitor to blind people using speech. Its like putting a tiny little bandaid on a giant axe wound. What this problem needs is a radically different solution, probably based upon different hardware. Why are we selling to blind people hardware designed for seeing people, shouldn't we design hardware specifically for the blind ?