Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Web 2.0- Threat to users' privacy and data?

Web 2.0 has given rise to social networking sites. Inherently, Web 2.0 means putting more information about yourself out on the web. Majority of people are sharing information on the communities just to get quick fame. So, users are willing to share information about themselves and their friends.
Web 2.0 sites are mining information about you and your friends, what you are doing and sharing online. It knows what are your favourite things, what you like, and what your friends like. They can break down the information by almost any statistic. That is where business is getting money from-
Information. and Marketing the information.
It seems there are still lot of issues related to privacy of user generated content. Issues that considers responsibilities of users that post their personal information and that considers the obligations the companies that build such sites have to keep users' information safe. Protecting user privacy should be made the top of the to-do list when building any system that relies on user-generated content.

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Uday said...

There is also a problem of using WEb 2.0 to defame people or to embrass them.