Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mashup for Enterprise

Making Mashups Work in the Enterprise was written by John Crupi who is the CTO at JackBe, a provider of user-driven enterprise mashup software. It was published at Tech News World. In the article he promoted application of mashups in enterprise environment. Yes! Now that web 2.0 is more and more popular in the consumer world, why not bring it to enterprise market?

John was really thinking about the application of mashups in the enterprise . He put forward "5 Cs." as the rule to carry out mashup in the enterprise.

Meanwhile he sought to address the concerns such as security, reliability and governance which are critical for businesses. He also talked about how mashup could benenfit enterprises.

Let’s chew over his words - Enterprises can be messy places. We've been collecting information for over three decades, and now it sits in a hodge-podge of locations. However, if Web 2.0 has taught us anything, it's that disparity does mean stalemate. Mashups in the enterprise can help business users address their own ever-changing information needs.

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