Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Taking 'Web As Platform" a little too literally...

I think Xcerion is taking O'Reilly's statement "The Web As Platform" a bit too literally. According to an ars technica review of Xcerion's XIOS, this OS in a web browser, while an interesting concept, is hampered by a lack of standard OS features that are not available in a web browser. I have to agree with their conclusion, "not much of a solution, still in search of a problem", I don't see how bringing an entire desktop OS into a browser solves anything useful. Additionally, they're relying on third parties to write applications for the OS and its likely that those developers would be more interested in developing a typical web application than an OS-specific application.


Kishor said...
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arthursson said...

Xcerion is not relying on developers to create applications. We are ourselves aiming at creating 50 applications before the end of 2009. Applications created by developers will be added gravy.

The Cloud OS is still in early, limited beta for developers to let them start using it. It is therefor natural to not have all end-user applications features needed in place yet.

All applications written for XIOS/3 are also able to be used stand-alone, without the desktop. Just as any other SaaS application.

However, please be patient and we will deliver.

Xcerion Beta Team