Monday, May 12, 2008

Subversion: Necessity or Annoyance?

Personally, I find a good version control system to be a core necessity to every major programming/scripting project (major being lets say either > 5 source files or >= 2 people working on project). When used properly, they make it trivial to track all changes to the codebase, why that change was made, and allow specific changes to be reverted if an earlier version of the code is needed.

Also, when more than 1 person is working on the project on separate accounts and/or computer systems, it allows users to make changes to the code, commit those changes and have those changes show up on others copies of the code (without having to ever manually worry about manually merging changes together). And in complex projects, even if you are the only one working on the project, having the ability to revert changes is key (also automatically having your code backed up on Google's servers is definitely an advantage :-).

So... Agree? Disagree? Unsure? DISCUSS!!!

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Audumbar said...

Here is a nice talk by Linus Torvalds, at one of the Google Techtalk sessions. He gave talk on git, the source control management system, that he created. Also, he points out the cons of CVS and SVN systems.