Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Message to prospective students

Welcome to the class blog of the Social Web Technologies course. The objective of this course is to teach students (1) how social web technologies can improve the productivity of people and (2) how to apply the latest Web technologies to create social web applications.

Prospective students should read the course syllabus.

This is a combined Computer Science undergraduate and graduate Special Topic course. I will attempt to maintain a 50/50 ratio between the undergraduate and graduate students in the class. A limited number of students from non-Computer-Science departments may be permitted to register. However, they must meet certain requirements.

If you need permission to register, email me a brief description of the following:
  1. Are you a Computer Science major student?
  2. Are you an undergrad or graduate student?
  3. If undergrad, list all computer science courses that you have taken.
  4. Do you have any Web programming or Web design experiences? If yes, briefly describe them.
My email: harry.chen _AT_